Swedish Forest

Buying wooden furniture is climate smart.

At Karl Andersson & Söner, we are delighted with the forest. Most of the material in our furniture is wood. Did you know that the Swedish forest is more alive than ever? Two thirds of Sweden's area is covered by forest. For each tree that is harvested, at least two new ones are planted. Trees that bind coal. The Swedish forest binds more than 140 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is twice as much as the total Swedish carbon dioxide emissions. And not only that. The carbon bound in the wood continues to be stored in the manufactured wood products. Therefore, it is wise to buy furniture made of wood. Read more about the good effect of the Swedish forest on the climate at below link.

Swedish Forest

Oeko Tex FacileMöbelfakta Kamon Dinner

The wooden sofa Facile is also manufactured for circular economy.

Our sofa Facile is also resource-efficient. The slender solid wood frame leaves minimal waste. The whole idea of lean production, which we use in the factory, is to eliminate waste. As living in IKEA land for several generations, we have developed this into an art. In addition, the cold foam on the sofa leaves small climate footprint.

All upholstery in our sofas and seating furniture is certified according to the textile label OEKO-TEX®. The padding is harmless even when the couch has lived its entire life in a generation or so. Then it is easy to sort and recycle the wood and upholstery individually. One life cycle is closed. A new one can begin. If you want to learn more about the textile label? Read more on below link.

Oeko Tex

Kamon Dinner is certified according to Möbelfakta. What does it mean?

The sofa Kamon Dinner has been quality marked according to Möbelfakta. It is the The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry (TMF) that has developed this requirement packaging for furniture which is based on three parts; quality, environment and social responsibility. For Kamon Dinner:

1. Quality: The furniture meets international technical standards.
2. Environment: Manufacturing is environmentally adapted at every stage, from raw material to finished furniture.
3. Social responsibility: All parties in the production chain undertake to comply with the UN Directive "The Global Compact".

On our website you will find the certificate and more information about our products. Learn more about Möbelfakta? See below link.


KA Recycling

KA Återbruk [Recycling] – Circular economy in practice.

It is easy to care for and extend the life of a furniture by Karl Andersson & Söner. Do you have a furniture from Karl Andersson & Söner that you want to renovate? Contact us and we’ll help you with good advice and guide you on what is best to do. We are often given the task of sanding table tops, repainting cabinets, upholstery of seating furniture or repairing damaged surface layers on well-used furniture. Simple interventions that extend the life of your investment and you can continue to enjoy sustainable and durable furniture. Or if you sell or pass them on to the next generation. It is circular economy when it is most beautiful.

KA Recycling

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